There is no race as important as the race of life. To run well, we need to follow a skillful, proven fighter who has a mindset to win. The only one that qualifies is Jesus.

It is time to feed on His Word and seek the vision He has for us. It is time for sleeping lions to get up and fight the fight. In the name of Jesus, get up, run again, and never, ever look back.

Life is like a marathon race, only it is a lot longer than twenty-six miles. Endurance is more important than speed, and setting a pace that can be maintained is extremely important. In Punching the Sun, author Charles Robinson weaves the story of amateur marathoner Rob together with the biblical story of Gad to illustrate that the simple runners’ technique called ‘punching the sun’ is just as helpful in life when dealing with hopes, dreams, and fears as it is during a marathon. Punching the Sun is about running the race of life and finishing victoriously to enter the presence of God.
The Lord says, ‘To him who overcomes I will give’ seven times in the book of Revelations chapters 2 and 3. We must learn to overcome.